What Is The Solution? (Alemdar)

What Is The Solution? (Alemdar)

There are many problems from inside the houses up to far away lands. The husband and wife, the brother and sister, the state and the nation are anxious and unhappy. What is the reason of this? The reason is the human, who Allah’s SWT caliph above the earth. All of the beings at the universe are created to serve to the human as a candidate for this proxy (to be Allah’s SWT caliph). The world is waiting for this human. Prophet Christ (Isa pbuh) is heralds this human as the chirping birds and the flowing waters call ‘Holy Prophet Mohamad pbuh was born’.  The extinction of ambition fire of the prophet children killing each other, is only possible with divine message. If Prophet Adam’s pbuh children had listened divine judgment and message, Were they murdered his brother? Were Prophet Jacob’s (pbuh) children thrown into the fire Prophed Joseph (pbuh)? Were the followers killed their prophets? Were they remove from their countries and send Arch-Prophets (Ulul'azm Anbiya) to Madyan and Madinah? There is ongoing anarchy from Prophet Adam’s (pbuh) time up to the present time. The guards keep watch on the gate of the primary schools up to university. There is a waiting from the hospitals to the courthouse for the security. From the traffic lights up to survellience cameras, all are for public order. The fact underlying of these not ending problems is human. Sheikh Ebebali (ks) did not say “Let live the human, the state live” word in vain. Our Blessed Prophet Mohamad pbuh who established Islamic State in Madinah city, made this revolution with his holy companions (Sahabatu’l Kiram). The conquest of Mecca has been realized by these holy companions, whom they turned to faith in Mecca and tawhid and ihsan (excellence) in Madinah. The conquest of Istanbul has been realized with 70 God friendly (Awliyah).  All the conquests such Canakkale, The War Of Independence were carried out by the army that giving imporance to lawful and unlawful. Caliph Omar (ra) explained “the leaving only a sunnah” as the reason of the defeat. The peace inside and outside begins with human. There was no case in the courthouse in Caliph Abu Bakr (ra) time. In Hundred years of Ottoman period, the execution of the hand-cut and the head-cut penalties were very low. Many of these executions are related to non-muslim peoples. The lack of the chaos and confusion in Imam-Hatip Schools and Quran Courses is related to the correction and the reforming of the human. The people who trained with beneficial science at the schools and lore (wisdom) in lodges, prefer his brother instead of himself. There is the solution in the society who choosen Allah SWT as the Lord, Islam as the religion, Our Blessed Prophet Mohamad pbuh as the prophet. Alemdar

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