The Plentifulness Is At Night

The Plentifulness Is At Night

Is walked on foot only? Our Prophet (pbuh) made journey by Burak in Mi’raj (holy journey) by ladder (mi’raj), by Rafraf (a cover). With “Laylan” expression in Quran, He (pbuh) made the journey in a very short time. With “Asrâ” expression, He (pbuh) was walked by god willing (Bi iznillah). There is a journey from the universe of spirits to mother’s womb, from mother’s womb to the earth, from the earth to the hereafter. There is also looking at the universes from whereabout. With Safar Dar Watan principle (Travelling in the homeland, It’s one of the principle of Naqshbandi way), There is also a journey within oneself, in nafs. This divine journey in the levels of nafs, spirit (ruh) and sirr (secret) is the encircling and rotation of the eighteen thousend universes. Sheikh As’ad Arbili (qaddese sirruhu, qs) says “The journey of the worship made by body to Allah SWT, are similar to the journey of the ant. But to perform the worship with taqwa (piety), awe and reverence, It’s similar to journey of the train in comparasion with the ant. The distance does not a matter for them. If we consider the electricty current, It can travel in a very short part of time. Asaf Bin Barkhiya brought the throne of Bilqis in leaps and bounds instantly (Surat An-Naml, 40) Caliph Omar’s command (ra) in minbar was heard from two months walking distance. It was “Oo Sâreya, towards to the mountain, mountain!” word. This secret is from not to lay a bed at night during his caliphate duration. Bilal’s footstep (ra) was heard from the layers of the heaven, while he goes to the mosque to recite azan. In Qalami Lodge (Sheikh As’ad Arbili’s lodge), the requirement list of the lodge were being written by the officials, At the same time there was another order directed to Lady Bahijah Sultan’s heart “take the pen and write”. Bahijah Sultan’s acceptance to this order from faraway is because of the plentifulness of the night. The journey at the universe of the spirits is an invitation. At monday and friday nights. The ones, who will be honoured, come with the heart invitation. There are many reasons of this. “Indeed, the hours of the night are more effective for concurrence [of heart and tongue] and more suitable for words.” (Surat Al Muzzammil, 6). “Indeed, We sent the Qur'an down during the Night of Decree.” (Surat Al-Qadr, 1) The heart steps in at night journey. The voice of the heart is heard. The night journey has been done with the serenity of the night, with the peace of the heart and the reciting of Surat Al-Yaseen that is heart of Holy Quran. The acceptance to the prayers, forgiveness with pledge (tawbah) and the fulfilment of needs come true at nights. The spiritual exchange has been done at the time of sahar (last portion of the night) that is like spring among seasons. The harvest is made at night which yields ten to one, seven hundred to one or so much more. The plentifulness is depends on the heart state. The blessing to ahlullah is become at this time. The prosperity and divine manifestation (tajalli) that came to the heaven of the heart are always at night. In fact, The night invites the lovers. It’s the time to come together. Alemdar (Şubat 2016)

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