Spiritual Godfather

Spiritual Godfather

Firstly Adam our father

Then Havva our mother

Became our world valuable

Out of respect to Mohammad (pbuh)


The source of compassion and mercy is to be father. Our prophet (pbuh) “The ancestor of the one’s, who do not have father and mother, is me“. Allah SWT stated with two blessing names  “kind” and “merciful” to him. Anas B. Malik (ra) preferred Rasulullah (pbuh) as father of his spirit, instead of his father. Salman (ra), Bilal (ra) and Suhayb (ra) has been ranked as ahlul bait spritually, even though they are not close to him (pbuh) in terms of pedigree. It’s important to save the rights of parents in terms of Shariah, But the rights of spiritual godfather are more. The genetic father conduces to descend the spirit from Divine Throne (Arsh Âla), but the spiritual godfather conduces to ascend the spirit to the place where he came from.


We have the bodies of our children, but they (Spiritual Godfathers) have their spirits. Our Ustad Sheikh Haci Hasan Dinc (Allah STW Qaddasa Sirruhu, qs) was very upset when he heard that the one of his spiritual son’s leg has been broken in a mine. And He (qs) said tearfully “If only, he had not been my son”


If the parents, who covered his child to not get cold at night, do not have mercy to not burn in fire in hereafter, What does the child say to them? “And they will say, "Our Lord, indeed we obeyed our masters and our dignitaries, and they led us astray from the [right] way. Our Lord, give them double the punishment and curse them with a great curse." Surat Al Ahzab, 67-68


The words, like Prophet Ismail (pbuh) said “Ya Ebeti, Oo My dad” to father, like Prophet Luqman (pbuh) said “Ya Buneyye, Oo My Son” to child, like said in Surat Al-Hujurat, 10th verse “your brothers” as expression of compassion, keep the bliss century (Asr Al saadat) values alive. 


If the word of wisdom (Kavlu Maruf)  to the parents and the gentle speech (Kavl’i Layyin) to the man who is like tyrannical Pharaoh even, is made as a principal by the mu’min, He goes to the heaven. Our Blessing Prophet Mohamad (pbuh) said “There are such palaces in paradise that their exterior is visible from the interior and their interior is visible from the exterior. Almighty Allah has readied those palaces for those people who fed others, spread (the greeting of) Salaam and offered Salaat at the time when others were sleeping.” 


The children are prayed to parents in prayers and in other times in Quran Al Karim and Hadiths.

“Our Lord, forgive me and my parents and the believers the Day the account is established.", Surat Al Ibrahim, 41. Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) informed to his father Azer and his society about the ugliness of the polytheism. In Surat Al-An’am, At-Tawba, Al-Maryam, Al-Anbiya, Ash-Shu’ara, As-Saffat, Az-Zukhruf, Al-Mumtahanah. And [mention, O Muhammad], “When Abraham said to his father Azar, "Do you take idols as deities? Indeed, I see you and your people to be in manifest error.", Surat-Al An’am, 74.


Our Lord Allah (SWT) orders us to make good treatment to parents in Surat Al-Baqarah, Surat An-Nisa, Surat Al-An’am, Surat Al-Isra. “And your Lord has decreed that you not worship except Him, and to parents, good treatment ...”, Surat Al-Isra, 23. 


The parents have precise faith, science (al ilm) and emulate themselves with morality and good manners, and raise their children with same way. Our ustad (Sheikh Sayyid Haci Hassan Dinc (Allah STW Qaddasa Sirruhu, qs) would print the prayers of salat and give us. He(qs) would handle religious issues in dinner times, in tea times and whenever possible. He(qs) would dispatch us to the scholars for training. We would spend summer holidays abroad mostly. He (qs) would write poems even in tablelands  and had us read in front of community.


A father  do not forget childrens in prayers in 5 times daily prayer. Our Ustad (qs) would pray himself, he would ask to pray from other elders as well. In an our important affair, He (qs) said “Do not be afraid, your mother prayed at night”


He is worried about the poors and needy peoples for their improvement. He helps them by his halal (lawful) earnings. If the broken hearts are happy, the need is met.


He treats with compassion and mercy instead of fury and violence. We never forget Our Ustad (qs) to caress our head with his silky touch.


He takes children to conversations with righteous peoples. Our ustad (qs) would mention about our Sheikh Sami Ramadanoglu (qs) and He (qs) would take us to visit him as well. He (qs) asked from him in one of our visit as “Oo my Sheikh, Please make an advise and give sufi lesson to my child against to the sedition and wickedness of the time”.


A father dedicates to service to Allah SWT his child, who will not get close our book of deeds.


His address form is moderate. He neither spoil, nor annoy. Lutfi Dogan (a scholar) came to our logde in Istanbul. He adressed as “Mr Yakup” to the person who was sitting beside. We heard later that He was his son.


He cares about the food & beverages and the clothes to be halal before quality. Nowadays We make a conversation with village headmans. One of them said “You were a kid. You ate a walnut from other’s tree. And your father (Sheikh Sayyid  Haci Hassan ks) asked to give blessings from all heirs of the walnut tree by walking together with you.


He do not threat as rude and hard to family members.

He adopts a manner exemplary in the commings and goings.

He do not be a rebel father, he is obedient and merciful.

He is humble father and is far from bullheadness.

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