Following the Sunnah

Following the Sunnah
Following the Sunnah Alemdar   Human beings have religion in their creation. There are rules that every one follows. The robe that is tailored for us is Islam. Other doctrines have never truly given peace. "Wouldn't the Creator know His creation? ". The truth of this is who ever does anything, Allah is the abundant all knowing.  A creator is never the exact of the work of art. A work of art, is the creator's evidence. Our Halik is the creator of the universe. He has sent the Quran and His conveyor, prophet Muhammad (pbuh), as an example. His life style, his every word and the way he is dressesd with divine sovereignty are all models given in every aspect for us to follow.   We are created for Islam being perfectly suited to us. Islam meets our every need. Anything that is scientifically proven is founded within Islam. Trachoma patients are recommended to wash their faces at a daily basis. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) invites us to "wash your eyes with the water of wudu". To a person that is fiery with anger, prophet Muhammad (pbuh) invites us to "perform wudu". Islam's reccomendation for eating our meals warm pervent stomach cancer. Obeying details of the daily prayer within include our health. The position of the 'ruku' provide relief to the waist and back. The 'sujuud' position allows blood flow to arrive into the brain, where as otherwise this can not be fully obtained. If we look at people that take daily walks we can easily perform this by following the examples of prophet Muhammad (pbuh), walking to the mosque, visiting family and the sick, conveying the message of Islam, attending funerals, jihad for Allah and giving a helping hand for those in need. Arrow throwing, horseback riding and swimming are all esteemed and well known to be one of the best work out for the human body. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is historically well known for doing such sports such as wrestling and running.   The more we follow our prophet (pbuh) the more we'll be following the Quran. "Who ever obeys the messenger obeys Allah..." (Surah Women 80.) Following the sunnah will give us light and purity of the Quran. The prophet's sunnahs are not independent sources from the Quran. The Quran's interpretations is/should be looked at in an open form. " Know this perfectly well, the days are near, be careful of the man that sits in his seat and says 'this Quran is all we need, you only need to accept what it gives as halal and what it gives as haram.' " Hadith (Abu Davuud, Sunnah 6, İman 33, Tirmizi, İlim 10)  

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