Quality In Education - Alemdar

Quality In Education - Alemdar

“My Lord educate (addaba) me, and made my education (ta'dib) most excellent”. Our Prophet Mohamad (pbuh) has been educated by Allah SWT.


How fortunate are those who educated and got ratification from our Prophet (pbuh) directly such Sheikh Ibrahimi Metbuli (qaddase sirruhu, qs) and Sheikh Taha el Hariri (qs). Prophet Moses (pbuh) who was sent to Khidr (pbuh) has been honored with divine mysteries by a servant who honored with knowledge by Allah SWT.


Sheikh Bayezid Bastami (qs) said “Oo Hodjas, There are lacks in your knowledge, because you got the knowledge from mortals”. When Ahmad Bin Hanbal (ra) listened to meaning of Surat Al-Fatiha from an illiterate sheikh, He said “Oo My Allah, What are these mysteries” within divine attraction. Imam Shafi’i (ra) said “I did not hear the words, that I heard from those who sitting in front of divine lectern, no one else”


Only the student who loves courses and having qualified lecturers, achieves the success and quality in education. Imam Abu Yusuf (ra) is the one of two imams. When his father passed away, He has performed funeral prayer and referred burial operations to someone to not be late of Imam Azam Abu Hanifah’s (ra) lecture. Those who educated to get Marifat Of Allah SWT (The Gnosis Of Allah SWT) have gotten one’s shares from this knowledge.


The one who do not have knowledge, can not take a step to walayah. Abdul Hakeem Arvasi (qs) says “If The one who has ilmu ladun (divine knowledge) looks at to tree he knows its leafs, If He looks at to see he knows its drops and He knows number of sands”


The wisdom should provide knowledge, the knowledge should provide the practise, and the practice should provide the good manners and morality. As a summary, The knowledge that provide the respect for Allah SWT, is esteemed and respected. “Only those fear Allah , from among His servants, who have knowledge” (Surat Al-Fatir, 28)


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