If He (SWT) is remembered in wideness, He (SWT) remembers you in narrowness. If obeyed his orders in wideness of blessing and in good health, He (SWT) helps us in troubled times. The human calls the one who he knows, for help in troubled times, in out in the bush and in the middle of nowhere. They, who we know in the earth, help to our ethereal troubles. The intercession of the prophets, the martyrs and the scholars is predestined and truth in this world also. Our prophet (pbuh) is intercessor and paraclete to the one’s who reads salat-u salam. He (pbuh) helped to Bisr Al Hafi (ks), because of he complied with his (pbuh) sunnah. He (pbuh) said “Your exclusiveness among your friends is due to the compliance with my sunnah, advice to people and love to my ahlul bait. Salat-u Salam is the occasion to refresh and enlarge the heart for the stressful and depressed people. Our prophet Mohamad (pbuh) empraces those who get closer to him (pbuh) spritually. He (pbuh) said “my son” to Salman, Bilal and Suhayb-i Rumi (ra), he said for those who smolder with love to him (pbuh) as well. He (pbuh) said “you are my son” to Omar Ibnu’i Fariz when he woke up by saying “I’m from Eygpt” The scholars and ulama have complimented as well. Shah Naqshbandi (ks) prayed Allah (SWT) as “Let me permit to come to the rescue my sons in their troubled times. Bestow many scholars, ulamâ and virtuous peoples in our way. Make our tariqa (way, path) permanent until qiyamah (the day of resurrection). Give the permission of intercession to the followers of this way.” Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (ks) saved from fire those who just imitated the awrad and azqar (daily practices of a tariqa) with the permission of Allah (SWT). Our Lord Allah (SWT) has bestowed on Saint Mary who has run away from the living of superstitiouses and incarcerated herself to mihrab. He (SWT) bestowed on her with Prophet Zakariyya (pbuh) as protector and with the summer fruits in winter season. Ashab Al Rakim have survived from the rock, that closed the cave entry, with the sincerity on their taqwa, prayers and worhips. Ashab Al Kahf have been achieved victory because they held to the faith and resisted againts to tyrant Takyanus (roman emperor) to death. Korah (Qarun) has been destroyed and perished with his goods and properties because he waited for help from other than Our Lord Allah (SWT). Pharaoh has been perished in water because he abandoned hope from life and said “I believed in Lord Of Moses”. The glory in thousend years of our history is based on Sultan Othman’s (who is the founder of Ottoman Empire) honour to Quran. Our prophet (pbuh) has taken refuge in Allah (SWT) from the disbelievers (heretics), who come in front of the cave, by saying to winced Abu Bakr (ra) "Do not grieve; indeed Allah is with us." during holy journey. Queen Belkis said "My Lord, indeed I have wronged myself, and I submit with Solomon to Allah, Lord of the worlds" in Surat An-Naml. Man and women, Disregard and disobey to fardh and sunnah and to good manners were spoiled the enjoyment of us. We entrusted by Allah SWT each day, by reading Quran, paying attention to lawful earnings and purification of the soul and our generation.

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